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SDAN is an investment and development company focused on logistics properties, strongly engaged in innovation and sustainability. 

SDAN, the acronym for Société Développement Axe Nord, has decided to move to Dunkirk to develop an ambitious warehouse program in the logistics area of the West Port of Dunkerque (DLI). The location means greater proximity to the Container and Ferry Terminals and a gateway to and from the Hauts-de-France Region, the largest French port complex (Calais-Dunkerque). 

SDAN has paid great attention for several years to the developments of the Port of Dunkerque, whether in industry, logistics or containers. In particular, the company took an active part in the 2017 CAP 2020 public debate.

Convinced of the potential of Dunkerque, backed by its current drive and the expansion of its containerized traffic, SDAN has drafted a construction program of next-generation logistics warehouses.

In a partnership approach with Dunkerque-Port, SDAN is currently developping different projects.




Julien has over 20 years of experience in developing prestigious real estate projects in prime locations in France, Brazil and Spain.

Julien worked on many commercial developments, such as setting up the Fiat Group on the Champs-Elysées. He also worked in the hospitality sector, participating in the rebirth of the Royal Monceau-Raffles Palace, the acquisition and transformation of the No Address Residence in Paris, also finding and acquiring the Matarazzo Hospital in Sao Paulo (over 100,000 sqm to become Cidade Matarazzo, the biggest Palace and Shopping center of the city, operated by Rosewood Hotel).

Julien is now dedicated to creating innovative warehouse solutions in the strategic location of Dunkirk-Port, because logistics is the new retail.



Ryan is an entrepreneur who grew up in France, but lived a major part of his life between Spain, the U.A.E and China.

This experience allowed him to learn how to adapt to different work environments and cultures. Starting as a freelance real estate agent in Dubai, Ryan went through all the different jobs and positions real estate had to offer.

By joining SDAN as a COO, Ryan puts his international real estate experience to profit.

Ryan is in charge of SDAN's development in China.



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