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Dunkirk Port Press Release



The new International Logistical Zone of Dunkerque-Port (DLI) welcomes SFAN's warehouses.

SFAN, the acronym for Société Foncière Axe Nord, has decided to move to Dunkerque to develop an ambitious warehouse program in the logistics area of the West Port of Dunkerque. The location means greater proximity to the Container and Ferry Terminals and a gateway to and from the Hauts-de-France Region.

SFAN has paid great attention for several years to the developments of the Port of Dunkerque, whether in industry, logistics or containers. In particular, the company took an active part in the 2017 CAP 2020 public debate.

Convinced of the potential of Dunkerque, backed by its current drive and the expansion of its containerized traffic, SFAN has drafted a construction program of next-generation logistics warehouses representing around 60 million euros.

In a partnership approach with Dunkerque-Port, SFAN today signed the two related documents as a basis for its development.

Once concerns the plan for a new standard warehouse with a capacity of 42,000 sq. m in the Dunkerque International Logistics area, recently delivered by Dunkerque-Port.

The other concerns an innovative project developed by SFAN for a totally automated stacker crane- type warehouse under controlled sub-zero temperatures for 66,000 pallets in the area of the Port Rapide, between the Container and Ferry Terminals ; For SFAN and Dunkerque-Port, this type of high-rise warehouse (43 meters), represents the future of agro-food logistics.

The international program was unveiled on May 16 at the 7th Symposium of the Port of Dunkerque in Shanghai (China) in front of an audience of Chinese investors.

According to Julien de Lapize - President of the property company:

"Dunkerque-Port is a hard-driving marketplace that is particularly interesting in terms of industrial, logistics and port developments. The recent industrial developments will quickly require suitable logistics solutions. The latest warehousing constructions announced in the port precinct underline the steady growth of containerized traffic and the confidence of shippers. Beyond that lies the Cap 2020 project, a genuinely seminal project that is boosting the entire region with exceptional prospects and new economic activities.

Against this background we thought it opportune to develop the first suitable innovative logistics solutions for shippers in partnership with the Port. Our stacker crane project also aims to adapt to the future supply chain.

The proximity of an efficient container terminal with connections worldwide, with Brexit looming, a ferry terminal with regular connections to England, a first-class industrial-port zone and a long-term port project convinced us that Dunkerque was the ideal place to develop a program of innovative logistics warehouses."

Stéphane Raison, President of the Executive Board of Dunkerque-Port is delighted: "Dunkerque- Port, for some years, has been recognized for the processing of products under controlled temperature. The fruit and vegetable sector was the first to really become so important that Dunkerque became the first port in France to import these products in containers.

In parallel, in recent years, our shipping services have developed, and in tax terms, the reverse charge procedure for VAT on imports marks the competitiveness of our port all the more. Our focus is clearly on logistics, and we need to provide the facilities to accommodate these new flows. We are therefore extremely pleased with SFAN's development of a warehousing program designed to create new facilities to support the growth of our containerized goods flows and to provide additional floor space for stakeholders who have been her for many years."

About Dunkerque-Port:

The largest French port complex (Calais-Dunkerque); the ninth largest port on the Channel and North Sea Range and France's third-largest port, Dunkerque-Port has built a reputation in many sectors: it is the largest passenger port in Europe (Calais- Dunkerque hub); France's largest energy hub; the country's largest LNG terminal; the leading French port for containerised fruit and vegetable imports; the largest French port for ore and coal imports; France's largest rail port; the region's largest waterway port; and the third-ranking French port for grain traffic. Dunkerque-Port is also a sustainable port. It is the trading port of the new Hauts-de-France Region, the largest agricultural region of France, the leading region for the rail industry, and the leading region for the car industry. 2018 Traffic: 51.6 Mt


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